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    soft launcher

    This is puffy protection for freedom of velocity. It provides the confidence of safety with which one might be able to launch themselves higher and more horizontally than without such padding. It might also protect from predators.

    stretch cotton, polyester batting. 2012.


    a freshly finished pair of EJRSHOES - SS 2014

    *** ordering is currently CLOSED for this item

    photos brian echon

    futons for Ana Miren

    object costumes for 'Grand Scheme of Things', dance by Ana-Miren san Milan. 2012

    feeling it at work

    feeling it at the office in 2015

    heavy head with snow beard

    heavy head with snow beard

    “Utopian/Dystopian Outfit Day” 2011

    Headdress: one down comforter, one rubber band | Face Piece: mesh circle cut out of ikea curtains, folded in half, fixed with glue

    Why? Because it feels good. I like to have something heavy on my head. The weight is pleasant, and the extension added to my head makes me move in a new way, as though I have a new head. Also, like a snail in a shell I am comforted by the mass upon me, it makes a kind of a wall behind me.

    Why not do it everyday? Because ostentation, to demand such attention, makes me uncomfortable. To demand makes me feel tyrannical, and the pressure to perform for the eyes I’ve forced upon me makes it so I am unable to relax. Like stretching at school - I want to do it but everyone thinks you're putting on a show. The private, physical experience of this outfit would be disrupted entirely if I were to wear this outfit on any old Thursday, whereas the framing of Utopian Outfit Day allows me to blend. If everyone dressed with indulgence...

    So the “utopia” you’re proposing? Is one in which everyone in the community is acutely aware of subtlety in sensation and they indulge in it. In an Epicurean fashion, they take pleasure in the weight of their hat. In an experimental sentiment, they are curious to know what it feels like to be slapped in the face with a dead fish. If they do not like this feeling, they take note. All is neutral. By these maxims, ostentation would no longer be an issue as the normative schema of adornment would be in the context of this experimentalism.

    In the words of Constant Nieuwenhuys, experimentation is “not only the instrument of knowledge, it is the very condition of knowledge in a period when our needs no longer correspond to the cultural conditions which should provide an outlet for them.”(1)

    (1) from ‘Our Own Desires Build the Revolution’, 1949, republished in 'Utopias’, edited by Richard Noble, MIT Press 2009

    chair for a couple of naps

    Chair for Napping in a Certain Couple of Ways Which Are Pretty Nice.

    structural prototype, 2011


    - - - - - - -press link : EJR Activates Her Floor

    sociosensual design

    sociosensual design.
    public seating which allows for articulation of a fuller range of our potential movement
    to multiply the possible dynamics among users

    Our landscape is dominated by a monotonous, 90x90 degree furniturial hegemony, though we can see very well by the structure of our joints and muscles that our bodies are capable of being comfortable in far more variations than that. I propose an urban landscape in which we are provided with variation; encouraged to stretch our bodies, to relax the way we might at home, to experiment with new bodily arrangements by abandoning the perpendicularities of park benches for a more dynamic public seating. Playing with elevation, angular arrangement, movement, we might introduce among ourselves social dynamics or levels or relaxation that would not have otherwise emerged. Laying on a suspended foam platform raised to headheight, I may find rest and respite in a way I couldn’t by sitting in the thick of it on a park bench. A group of friends hanging out on their stomachs on rolling foam structures may find that the dynamic among them is different from when they are sitting in a circle of benches. They may also find that on these foam structures they get a satisfying back stretch, something currently undervalued. In unfamiliar settings and arrangements we might surprise ourselves, dynamics emerge unique to each formation. To repeat over and over again the same chair by virtue of its “just fine-ness” is to deny ourselves the exploration of our physical ranges, as well as to deny an infinite range of subtly differentiated social dynamics.

    I want to highlight the richness of the sensuous palette in the everyday:

    I can brush my arm across a wooden table. I can brush my arm across a metal laptop. I can pay attention enough to notice the difference or I can forget to pay attention.


    dense again

    dense chunk for quiet napping